A new way of reaching people

We created Spryly to solve a basic problem. We’re missing messages from people, organizations and companies that are important to us. And, those people and companies don't have it any easier. They're having a hard time reaching us! Email is badly broken. Texting is limited. Group chat applications are narrowly focused.

What if there was a way for people to organize around topics and brands, interests and passions and be able to receive and share messages, photos, videos, even interactive content? That's Spryly. We’ve created a platform and mobile client that organizes information by channel. Except, with Spryly, you can subscribe to channels created by other people, companies or brands and you can create your own - and grow your own audience.

Channels of information

Spryly organizes content by channels. Those channels can be created for any purpose – for events, to organize a group of people on a sports team, customers of a business, even private channels for friends and family. Once you’ve created a channel you can invite people to discover and subscribe to your channel. That could be a small number of people. It could be thousands or millions of people! From that point forward, every time you create new messages, and publish them to your channel, all your subscribers will be notified – instantly. No delays. No spam filtering. Just a direct pathway from you to your audience.

One part blog, a sprinkle of twitter, a dash of email, a drop of Instagram...

How do you reach the people you need to reach today? Email? Group chat? Text messages? Slack? Facebook? Many of us use a variety of tools to reach our audiences. They have some great features and some not-so-great features (email spam - we’re talking about you!).

What if you there was something that let you easily create beautiful messages for mobile phones and tablets that you could instantly share with your followers? We’re talking about messages containing text, photos, video and interactive content like polls and surveys? That's Spryly!

Ditch email lists

Yeah, we said it. Ditch email lists! Whichever service you're using today it’s probably not doing that well. So-called opt-in email platforms typically deliver far fewer emails than people expect. And the messages that get sent aren't always so easy to read on mobile phones. And there’s the elephant in the room – spam and phishing, which are getting worse every day. 

Go beyond 160 characters

If you use twitter you probably spend more time trying to condense your message to fit into a tweet than coming up with the original message. We’re not saying twitter isn't awesome (it is). We’re saying it's just not that easy to use when you're trying to reach a group of people.

Forget group chat

Have you ever wished you can go beyond simple text messages when reaching out to your audience? Maybe you’re attending an event and trying to coordinate an activity. With Spryly you could create a channel just for that event – and invite any number of people to subscribe. Reach those people instantly, and share more than just simple text messages.

Tell a story

Messages in Spryly can contain more than a single photo and caption. They can have many photos, multiple videos, lots of text. All the things you need to tell a story, organize an event, deliver an important message.



Create any number of channels to reach your audience. Channels can have any number of subscribers and are more effective for reaching people than email and other group-oriented tools. They can also be private.


Forget email! It’s slow, filled with spam and has deliverability problems. Spryly’s direct-to-mobile communications technology insures everyone subscribed to your channels gets perfect deliverability.

REAL-time engagement

Engage your audience in real-time. Conduct polls, surveys, contests. Share photos and videos. Sell tickets and merchandise. Utilize Spryly’s API to connect your services and publishing tools directly to your channels.


Get real-time, robust and reliable analytics of channel and message patterns. Find out what’s working and who’s paying attention. Easy-to-use dashboards make you the king of mobile content.

built for mobile

While most of us still have desktops and laptops it’s our mobile devices that are used most often. Spryly knows that and has devoted itself to serving your mobile audience.

rapid integration

Have an event and need a way to connect all your attendees? Spryly channels can be set up and built to serve your event, gathering or conference within minutes. Draw your audience in and keep them engaged.

Reach your audience

Spryly makes it easy to create and share beautifully formatted messages with any size audience. It’s ideal for conferences and events, subscription lists, groups of any size and even personal communications among colleagues, family and friends.

  • Mobile-focused messages that look great and are easy to read
  • Real-time, bi-directional engagement with your audience
  • Attach and deliver important documents
  • Tons of features that are easy to use and customize


Delivering important information to your audience is now remarkably easier with Spryly. Forget email. Forget public, social networks. Reach your audience directly and quickly. Deliver content that's designed expressly for the mobile devices they’re already using. Reach them before, during and after your event. 

Spryly Bluetooth beacons allow you to associate any physical location (indoors or outside) with a channel, message or profile.

If you're using email to reach your audience today then you're leaving people behind. Spryly lets you get your message out immediately, and in a format that's actually useful on a mobile device. Additionally, it’s not a one-way conversation. Your messages can become conversations.



Want to see something magical? Go compress a few PNG's with @Qapp. We just saved 4MB.

Laura William

Just changed the file size on 31 images, as well as Qapp, page is now under 1/2 a MB. So much better!

John Doe

Pretty impressed with Qapp so far. Compressed images on a site and saved just over 1mb.

Vilma Bekon

OUR PASSION drives the platform


We’ve built a robust, template-driven content creation and management platform just for mobile. Messages are easier to construct and deliver and look better on Spryly. Automatic iBeacons support is in our iOS client (similar support for Android coming soon).


Rapid message creation is enhanced by push-driven instant delivery. Spryly's private network guarantees perfect delivery and protection from spam and other undesirable content. Geo-location and iBeacon tags bind locations with channels and messages.


For big events and conferences Spryly can swoop in and help with content creation and design and transform your existing assets to work within Spryly channels. We’ll also help you integrate iBeacon technology into your event.


We’ve worked hard to create client applications that were as easy to learn as they are to use. However, we’re always striving to improve and look forward to your suggestions for making Spryly even better!


We're just getting started here, but our plans for real-time, API-driven interaction with mobile content are awesome. We can’t wait to wow you over the coming months. Lots of new features coming soon!


Our goal with Spryly was to make mobile-focused content creation fast and easy. We also wanted it to be flexible and to service a wide array of uses. While it’s ideal for events and conferences we’re sure it has millions of other uses. Give it a try today!

WE'D love to hear from you

Grab the Spryly app (iOS or Android) and visit the Spryly Feedback channel. You can search for it by selecting the magnifier icon in the channel view. From there, type in “Spryly Feedback” and subscribe to the channel. Join the conversation and make Spryly work even better for you.